Our Story

Hi There!

Team Bride ( formerly known as Exquisite Bridal Robes and Gifts), came to life in 2017.

How and why you ask?

Let me tell you,

2017 was a BIG year for me, my beautiful niece and her future hubby gave me the honour of being their Maid of Honour YAYYYYYY!  To say I was ecstatic, is an understatement.

I took my duties VERY seriously. Organising the Hens and Bridal Shower, making sure that the wedding and what the Bride to be needed was a priority and of course looking into bridal accessories needed for those events. After all this was the first wedding I had attended and I was THE MAID OF HONOUR!!! (thankfully my niece was THE MOST pleasant Bride to Be :)) 

To my surprise, I could not believe just how difficult it was to find everything she needed in one place, or on the other hand there was too much choice.

Satin Robes from one place, they needed to be personalised from another, ( as you had to have a standard personalisation or leave plain), Slippers were pretty much out of the question as no one in Australia did them then and the additional accessories; bridal shower décor, hens party décor, gift boxes and everything in between had to be sourced from the edges of the universe and prayed they were correct sizes, colours , shapes etc. 

This is how TEAM BRIDE was born. 

My goal was to create a serene place where you can take 5! (after all there is enough going on in your schedule ATM) and shop with confidence.

Here at Team Bride, we may not have everything you are looking for, but let me tell you, we have done a LOT of research and would love you to have exactly what you want on your special day. So please send us an email if you have a specific colour/size etc and we will do everything possible to bring it to life for you.

If we exhaust every avenue with no luck on your special request, we are happy to pass on any knowledge, even if you decide to shop elsewhere, If we can make your Bridal Party Gift shopping a little easier, we would love to. 

So please head on over to our shop, have a browse and if you need any further assistance, 

send us an email at info@teambride.com.au

or give me a call 0411 279 256

Happy Wedding Planning

Charlene x

                                 Team Bride Australia's vision for all future Bride to Be's and Bridal Parties